Daily Brief for December 22, 2021

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What Happened in the Markets?

US futures dull on Wednesday for the less liquid holiday trade, as most investors want to lock their profits, expect transparency on the economic influence of the omicron variant and the outlook for US fiscal stimulus.

The Consumer Confidence Index is expected to increase slightly after rampant inflation, and the latest pandemic sentiment is due at 10 am ET.

Equities with less liquidity and volatile gamma levels resulting fluctuating prices.

With 1,000 deals in 2021, the initial public offerings had a record-breaking performance. After SPAC offerings declined and Chinese startup restraints, these offerings are forecasted to be fallen in 2022.

20211222 IPO Listings marketwatch
Source: marketwatch

Private-equity firm TPG Partners LLC, with USD109 billion of assets under management, is filed its IPO prospectus to Nasdaq. For the first nine months of 2021, the company reached USD3.8 billion net income on USD3.9 billion revenue, boosted from net income of USD 295 million and revenue of USD 564 million last year-ago period.

20211222 TPG Partners AUM
Source: SEC Filing
20211222 TPG Partners Invested Capital by Sector
Source: SEC Filing

General Mills, a consumer foods company, reported fiscal Q1 earnings of USD 0.99 per share. That was down 7 percent over last year, below Wall Street’s forecast of USD 1.05 per share. Quarterly revenues increased 6 percent to USD 5 billion. Organic sales were up 5 percent. Input cost inflation and supply chain-related cost increases slashed its operating profit by 13 percent to USD 800 million.

20211222 General Mills YTD
Source: tradingview

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