BrightHedge is committed to incorporate global financial news and analysis and provide different insights for our readers. We will also cover general economics and technology topics and comment about interesting current events we find.

BrightHedge aims to help you become more knowledgeable about these areas to support your ability to manage your portfolio and to understand the financial issues better.

As BrightHedge founder and editor, Mehmet E. Akgul has over 15 years of experience in finance and accounting. He shares his understandings and comments about topical interests in this platform.

Why BrightHedge?

Risk is an indispensable element of investment. Whatever the purpose of an investor, having basic understanding of hedge helps to develop risk mitigation strategies.

Investors and companies are able to protect themselves better. Investors demand to collect every available data set.

We inspired to provide articles in order to assist bright investment decisions for decision makers as described in mosaic theory.

Our Founder's Story

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